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Aqua Chemical Nutrients – ACN to Puresan

ACN Chemicals was originally founded in South Africa by Egon Wegrostek in 1994 when he made a chance discovery that certain combinations of metal ions have phenomenal disinfecting and purifying properties when used in water treatment. Ever since then, the family has researched how to harness and improve these properties.

After the Passing of Egon in 2008 and his son Oscar in 2013, his remaining two sons Mel and Ivo went their separate ways, with Mel moving to Europe operating under ACN Chemicals UK and Ivo launching Puresan in South Africa to avoid any confusion. The family recipe remains a secret, rather like Coca Cola.

Having undergone rigorous testing of the original product, the products, manufactured and produced under the guidance of Ivo, overcame many hurdles and were accepted in several countries including many European states where they were subjected to the most stringent testing leading to most impressive results.

The journey has led to an holistic product range which has grown into a range of treatments including swimming pool water and protection against legionella in cooling towers; water distribution system; point-of-use system; virus protecting sanitisers and dermatological/wound treatments products.



Throughout Africa, Asia and Central and Southern America and more recently in other countries, how to provide clean drinking water and ensure hygienic living conditions as well as having access to effective disinfectants and pathogen destroying products is a challenge. Recent scientific research into, once acceptable disinfectant actives, has now revealed that most of these agents have an adverse effect on the health of our people, planet and oceans. Triclosan and sodium hypo chloride (chlorine) are typical examples. The adverse effect on life far outweighs the advantages we thought we had by using them.

In the absence of efficient and properly maintained water treatment systems and the ever-growing number of multi drug resistant pathogens, like MRSA, we either risk exposure to killer diseases or we use harmful chemicals such as Triclosan and Chlorine, in the attempt to provide sanitary conditions and safe drinking water.

Puresan (Pty) Ltd is a Company situated in Sebenza on the East Rand, Gauteng South Africa. The Company has a 360 approach to the water treatment arena. We supply environmentally positive water treatment products to ensure an holistic approach to our planet’s most scarce commodity – water.

The range of Puresan sanitising and biotechnology products are non-hazardous; - non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-pathogenic. Use of these products has an environmentally positive knock-on effect, putting back into water and soil what man has taken out. The water sanitising range puts back valuable and necessary minerals like copper, zinc, silver and gold, whilst doing a sterling job at killing off pathogens. The biological products put back into the soil, nature’s cleaners – soil bacteria that is vital for healthy plant growth and the breakdown of organics to complete the nitrogen cycle.

The products are sold into Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific as well as locally, by our experienced and dedicated Distributors and Agents in six countries.


Our Objectives

Puresan (Pty) Ltd’s primary objective is to provide a solution to unclean water with state-of-the-art technology, whilst educating people about the dangers of using unclean water.

We recognise that achieving this requires an absolute commitment to providing the best possible economically viable solution whilst having a positive impact on the environment.

Product quality, accountability, certification, sustainability and market penetration are vitally important to us and we have highlighted the following markets for focus:

  • Bulk Water Treatment Facilities – WWTW, STP and WWT, Grease Traps
  • Swimming Pools – Domestic, Hospitality, Sports, Leisure and Schools
  • Agriculture – Food and Aquaculture
  • Domestic and Veterinary Uses for humans and animals


Our Mission Statement

Driven by a passion for purity!

To provide a solution to the problem of unclean water using cutting edge biotechnology, working towards every person and animal having access to safe clean water for consumption, cleaning, bathing and recreation.


Our Vision

Puresan (Pty) Ltd undertake to continually asses market segments and consumer needs to ensure quality, certified products are provided through all channels, so that safe, clean water is available to people and animals, whilst ensuring that the use of our products has no negative impact on the environment.


Our Range

Puresan (Pty) Ltd’ range consists of among others the following products / product applications:

Sanitising Range

  • Puresan Pure Fresh – Agriculture - fruit and vegetable shelf-life extension
  • Puresan Pure Drop – Point-of-use water sanitiser
  • Puresan Pure Mist – Alcohol free anti-microbial spray
  • Puresan Pure Clear – Pool water treatment
  • Puresan Clear Spa – Spa/Jacuzzi water treatment
  • Puresan Pure Vet – Point-of-use water sanitiser for animals

Biotechnology Range

  • Puresan Bio Stable and Kennel Cleaner & Deodoriser – Malodours that attract vectors and insects are eliminated and fly activity is greatly reduced.
  • Puresan Bio Sewer – Breaks down sewerage and reduces sewerage sludge formation
  • Puresan Bio Life – Plant growth enhancer
  • Puresan Bio Pond – Aquaculture water quality treatment
  • Puresan Bio Block – Waste water treatment including sewerage treatment plant water, fat oil and grease in grease traps as well as odour control
  • Puresan Bio Stable and Kennel Cleaner & Deodoriser – Cleans and deodorises stables and stable bedding and kennels, purifies ambient air and removes odours from drains and pipes. The specially selected bacteria will linger on the surfaces and continue to biodegrade organic matter such as urine and faeces to eliminate malodours.

Puresan’s product range offers solutions for:

  • ✓ Real Estate - Offices and Malls - all areas including washrooms and canteens
  • ✓ Kitchens - grease traps and drain lines
  • ✓ Hotels – bathrooms, toilets, spa bath water treatment
  • ✓ Industrial applications - Hydro Carbon pits
  • ✓ Homes – Grey water system treatment, rain water tank disinfection
  • ✓ Leisure - RVs, boats, septic tanks, including calcium and scale removal; water system treatment
  • ✓ Healthcare – drinking water
  • ✓ Schools and Universities – Bore hole water treatment
  • ✓ Aquafarming
  • ✓ Animal & Reptile farming water treatment

Additional Benefits

Highly concentrated products that require no expensive equipment for use, unless when treating bulk water, we use simple dosing equipment to control the injection of our product. In comparison to other products, Puresan (Pty) Ltd offers a highly cost-effective alternative to water sanitising and purifying solutions, one that remains active within water supplies for as long as the dosage levels are correct and there are impurities to combat performance.


The Puresan skills base includes a Team with Multi National business experience in the areas of Ionic Metals Specialisation, Microbiology, Chemical Engineering as well as Legal and Sales requirements.

Additional Benefits

The Puresan Team is passionate about providing the solution to the problem of clean, pure water and are driven with a passion for purity. Constant background work is undertaken to understand the elements of water contamination and the workable solutions. This is all supported by our “Value Chain”.



Biotechnology offers distinct advantages over the use of chemicals for water treatment.

In comparison to traditional chemicals, Biotechnology lowers:

  • ✓ Health Risks
  • ✓ Environmental and systemic damage
  • ✓ Costs

And provides increased:
  • ✓ Innovation
  • ✓ Performance

Let’s share a common vision together ….. a world that is better off without harsh toxic chemistry.

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