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In the absence of efficient and properly maintained water treatment systems and the ever-growing number of multi drug resistant pathogens, like MRSA, we either risk exposure to killer diseases or we use harmful chemicals such as Triclosan and Chlorine, in the attempt to provide sanitary conditions and safe drinking water.

Throughout Africa, Asia, Central and Southern America and more recently in other countries, how to provide clean drinking water and ensure hygienic living conditions as well as having access to effective disinfectants and pathogen destroying products is a challenge. Recent scientific research into once acceptable disinfectant actives, has now revealed that most of these agents have an adverse effect on the health of our people, planet and oceans. Triclosan and sodium hypo chloride (chlorine) are typical examples. The adverse effect on life far outweighs the advantages we thought we had by using them.

Our Mission

To provide a solution to the problem of unclean water using cutting edge biotechnology, working towards every person and animal having access to safe clean water for consumption, cleaning, bathing and recreation.

Our Vision

Puresan (Pty) Ltd undertake to continually asses market segments and consumer needs to ensure quality, certified products are provided through all channels, so that safe, clean water is available to all people and animals, whilst ensuring that the use of our products has no negative impact on the environment.


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